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Nicholas Marino

Welcome to my page! I am a web developer based in Brooklyn, NY. I work with React, Node, and TypeScript to create websites and apps that are reliable and engaging. In my free time I experiment with game design and generative art. Email me at if you'd like to work together, or find me on twitter or github.

Web Projects

Kyle Sauer Portfolio

Kyle Sauer Portfolio

Multimedia portfolio: React frontend with heavily customized Sanity CMS backend

Kind Regards NYC

Kind Regards NYC

Online menu: Eleventy frontend sourced from lightweight Netlify CMS, a whole lot of CSS


Creating a Table of Contents for Blog Posts Written in MDX

How to implement in NextJS

Tetris with p5.js

An exercise in basic object-oriented game programming

Interactive SVG with React Custom Hooks and Greensock

Two diametrically opposed libraries...together at last